Classcaster is a course/academic blogging system that provides faculty, librarians, and staff of CALI member schools with a new way to interact with students and communities. A Classcaster blog provides authors with tools for posting not only traditional blog articles but also tools for podcasting and sharing any documents and/or files with students and communities.

Classcaster blogs are easy to create and use.  Each new blog is created with a unique URL, file space for podcasts, pictures, and documents, RSS feeds, and an easy to use WYSIWYG editor for creating and editing articles.  In addition to these features authors can enable password protection for their blog posts, turn on comments for articles, add their podcasts to the iTunes Music Store, and enable Classcaster phone blogging that allows for easy creation of podcasts with any telephone.

Jessica de Perio Wittman and Lucie Olejnikova from the University of Florida have an excellent presentation on Classcaster recorded from the 2008 AALL which you can find at or