One of the exciting features of Classcaster is the ability to upload your own MP3 files to Classcaster and add these to your blog posts to create podcasts.  To upload your own MP3 files follow these instructions:

  1. Go to your blog’s Dashboard and Select ‘Media’ from the left hand menu to open your media library.
  2. Click on ‘Add New’ to open the media upload page.
  3. Select ‘Select Files’ to add a file to your Library.  Use ‘Browse’ to locate the file on your hard drive and click ‘Open’ to upload the file.
    1. Note that once you click ‘Open’ the upload happens automatically.
  4. Enter a title and brief description of your MP3 in the space provided then click ‘Save all changes’.

That’s it. The file is now available in your Media Library and is ready to add to a post on your blog.  See ‘How do I add an MP3 file to my post to create a podcast‘ for information on how to include the file in a blog post and create a podcast.

This brief video shows you the steps outlined above.