Once of the exciting features of Classcaster is the availability of Commentpress. Commentpress allows you to enable paragraph level commenting for your Classcaster blog. Use this option to gather precise commentary on your blog or to encourage collaboration.

To enable Commentpress, do this:

  1. Login to your Classcaster blog’s dashboard.
  2. Select ‘Appearance’ and then ‘Themes’ from the right hand menu.
  3. Locate and actvate the Commentpress theme.
  4. Select ‘Plugins’ from the right hand menu.
  5. Locate and activate the Commentpress plugin.
    • Please note that once you have activated this plugin you cannot de-activate it without damaging your blog.
  6. Select ‘Settings’ and ‘Commentpress’ from the right hand menu to begin configuring Commentpress.
  7. Look for the ‘Special Pages’ section of the page and check the box to create¬†the¬†special pages. Click ‘Save Changes’.
  8. Once the changes are saved you will be back to the settings page. In the ‘Table of Contents’ section select either ‘Pages’ or ‘Posts’. Click ‘Save Changes’.
    • While the system works equally well with either content type, you may prefer using pages because they fit more easily into a book metaphor. If you are using this more like a regular blog with articles on a number of subjects that tend to be short then select posts.

Now you can start adding content and letting folks into to comment at the paragraph level.